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Georg Landauer Collection 1656-1975

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Georg Landauer Collection 1656-1975


EAD finding aid available online

Numbers in paranthesis refer to old inventory



Series I: Manuscripts and Notes, 1656-1957

A. Articles

1/1. [1] Index and Inventory of Articles by Georg Landauer n.d

1/2. [1] Manuscripts 1916-1938

1/3. [1] Manuscripts 1939-1945

1/4. [1] Manuscripts 1946-1957

1/5. [2] Youth Aliyah 1908-1952

1/6. [3] Notes for Lectures and a Book Addresses of Famous People in London and Paris n.d

1/7. [4] Notes for a Book on Orpheus and his Cult 1946-1957



B. Material for a Book on Jewish rights in Germany

2/8. [5] Decrees - Originals 1656-1776

2/9. [5] Decrees - Photocopies 1074-1812

2/10. [6] Notes n.d

2/11. [7] Notes n.d

2/12. [8] Notes n.d



3/13. [9] Notes n.d

3/14. [9] Notes n.d

C. Manuscripts

3/15. [10] Notes for Das geltende juedische Minderheitenrecht mit besonderer Beruecksichtigung Osteuropas 1924

3/16. [11] Landauer, Gabriel Josua: Der Judeneid, (Rabbinatskandidat), Kassel, n.d., 250 p. 1842?

D. Documents

3/17. Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland 1939


BOX 4:

Series II: Newspaper Articles and Clippings, 1918-1954

A. Articles

4/18. [12] Articles 1941-1953

4/19. [13] Articles in a Scrapbook 1922-1953

4/20. [14] Articles 1918-1926

B. Newspaper Clippings

4/21. [15a] Arab Refugees, Border Incidents, etc. 1948-1953

4/22. [15a] Arab Policy Statements 1947-1954

4/23. [15a] Rosenberg - Spy case 1953


BOX 5:

5/24. [15b] General Jewish and Israel Topics 1951-1954

5/25. [15b] General Jewish and Israel Topics 1953

Series III: Correspondence, 1930-1954

A. Restitution

5/26. [16] Restitution 1943-1950

5/27. [16] Restitution 1951-1952

5/28. [16] Restitution 1953-1954

5/29. [17] Notes and Background Material 1943-1952

B. German Department

5/30. [18] Zionistische Vereinigung fuer Deutschland 1930-1944

5/31. [18] German Department of the Jewish Agency for Palestine 1952-1953


BOX 6:

6/32. [18] Industrial Projects 1953-1954

C. Various

6/33. [19] Arabs and Jews 1938-1942

6/34. [19] Youth Aliyah 1939-1948

6/35. [19] Individual Cases 1952-1954

6/36. [19] Personal 1946-1953

D. Magnes, Jehuda Leib

6/37. [20] Correspondence with Jehuda Leib Magnes 1930-1948

E. Prosecution in Germany

6/38. [21] Prosecution in Germany 1939-1953

F. Aphorisms and Notes

6/39. [22] Notes for a book on Orpheus n.d

G. Journals

6/40. [23] Essays, Pamphlets, etc. 1951-1952

Series IV: Maps and Plans, 1881-1960

6/41. [23] Maps of Israel 1881-1952

6/42. [23] Landauer Haus in Gderoth 1960

Series V: Letters, 1917, 1928-1954

6/43. [24] Resignation Letters 1950-1952

6/44. [24] Letters A-Z 1928-1953


BOX 7:

7/45. [24] Letter Exchanges 1917, 1953-1954

Series VI: Obituaries, 1953-1955

7/46. [25] Obituaries 1953-1955

Series VII: Varia

7/47. [26] Varia n.d., 1946, 1952-1953

Series VIII: Addenda, 1824-1852, 1905-1975

Addendum I

7/48. Reviews 1957-1958

7/49. Personal Papers n.d., 1850, 1905-1953

7/50. Personal Papers - Landauer, Gabriel n.d., 1824-1852

7/51. Posthumous Articles n.d., 1945, 1959-1975

Addendum II

7/52. Condolence Letters - Persons 1954-1955

7/53. Condolence Letters - Organizations 1954

7/54. Condolence Letters - Hebrew 1954

7/55. Personal Condolence Letters 1954



8/56. Obituaries 1954

8/57. Commemorative Articles and Articles about the Children's House in memory of Georg Landauer 1954-1957

8/58. Photos from the Opening of the Children's House in memory of Georg Landauer 1957

8/59. Ludwig Tietz 1933, 1937

8/60. Varia 1919-1953

8/61. Varia 1950?-1957

Correspondence of Georg Landauer, along with related third-party correspondence, with individuals, including Leo Baeck, David Ben-Gurion, Norman Bentwich, Kurt Blumenfeld, Walter Breslauer, Hermann Broch, Martin Buber, Levi Eshkol, Benjamin Ferencz, Nahum Goldmann, Berl Katznelson, Hans Kohn, Max Kreutzberger, Judah Magnes, Siegfried Moses, Hans Reichmann, Felix Rosenblueth (later Pinchas Rosen), Hans Schaeffer, Werner David Senator, Moshe Shertok, Ernst Simon, Moshe Smilansky, Henrietta Szold, Hans Tramer, Chaim Weizmann, and Alfred Wiener, on various topics, including Zionism, Jewish-Arab relations, immigration and Youth Aliyah, and restitution and reparations

Essays, speeches, reports, and articles by Landauer and others on Zionism in Germany, the Yishuv and Israel (including material on Ha-Poel Ha-Zair, Brith Shalom, and Aliyah Hadasha), restitution, vocational retraining, and matters related to immigration and absorbtion

Records, including memoranda, reports, publications, and correspondence of various organizations, including Zionistische Vereinigung fuer Deutschland; the German Department of the Jewish Agency, dealing with Zionist politics, restitution, reparations, and Israeli economic development; and Brith Shalom, dealing with Jewish-Arab relations

Original documents concerning Jews in Central Europe, from the seventeenth through the twentieth century, including decrees, letters of protection, and citizenship papers largely from Frankfurt am Main and Hanover; manuscripts by Landauer, along with supporting material and research notes, on the legal status and economic activity of Jews in Central and Eastern Europe, from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century; minutes of meetings, posters, fliers, and clippings of the German soldiers' council in Poltava in the Ukraine, 1918-1919

Papers of the Landauer family, including the doctoral dissertation of Georg Landauer's grandfather, Rabbi Gabriel Joshua Landauer, entitled "Der Judeneid."

Photos, including an album of a Ludwig Tietz Handwerkerschule, in Yagur, Palestine, in the 1930s; administrative and military maps of Israel

Published citations should take the following form:

Identification of item, date (if known); Georg Landauer Collection; collection number; box number; folder number; Leo Baeck Institute at the Center for Jewish History

Born on November 17, 1895, in Cologne, Germany. Georg Landauer was a lawyer, journalist, and Zionist leader. He was active in the Zionist youth movement Blau-Weiss and the student organization Kartell Juedischer Verbindungen. He was a founder of the German branch of Ha-Poel Ha- Zair. Georg Landauer became director of the Berlin Palestine Office in 1925 and in 1929 of the Zionist Federation of Germany. After his emigration to Palestine in 1934, he was involved in politics in the Yishuv, especially as founder of Aliyah Hadasha, a party based in the German immigrant community, and in Aliyah and absorption matters, particularly as financial director of Youth Aliyah. Georg Landauer served twenty years (1934-1954) as a managing director of the Jewish Agency Central Bureau for the Settlement of German Jews. After the Second World War ended Georg Landauer was involved in negotiating for reparations and restitution of the property of German Jews in Germany. He emigrated to the United States in 1953 and died in New York City on February 4, 1954

26-page inventory

EAD finding aid available online

The following three books written by Gabriel Josua Landauer are administered through the Library of the Leo Baeck Institute:

Landauer, Gabriel Josua: Festrede am 46sten Stiftungstage der Gesellschatf Humanitaet zu Kassel, Kassel 1848, 5 p

Landauer, Gabriel Josua: Rede ueber die Interessen und den Wucher gesprochen vor dem Vorsteher des grossen Sanbgedrins in der Sitzung vom 21.ten Maerz 1907, s.l., 22 p

Landauer, Gabriel Josua: Geschichte der Israeliten von der Entstehung der Welt bis auf die Gegenwart, Kassel 1849, incomplete, 36 p

Photographs removed to Photograph Collection

Language German
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Digitizing sponsor Leo Baeck Institute Archives
Book contributor Leo Baeck Institute Archives
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